Pyrotechnic Artistry

Pyrotechnic Signage

We hand create customised/ personalised messages and sponsor logos using quality low smoke components sourced in Australia. This is one element that most pyrotechnic companies appear to struggle with producing cost effectively.  Second generation pyrotechnician Ian Swanson pioneered this form of pyrotechnic display back in the early 1950’s. To this day, Mr Fireworks International are still pioneering this unique and customised form of pyrotechnic display, even crafting dozens of MOVING Animations for children’s displays.


We can create any signage for any occasion

– Sponsor logos

– Personal messages

– Team mascots 

– Business logos

– Animated logos


Water effects

Mr Fireworks International were the very first pyrotechnic company in Queensland to import and incorporate water based effects in their maritime based displays back in the early 1990’s. 


Water effects better known as water shells and cakes are designed to be fired on the water’s surface, exploding in various effects and colours. Water effects are a unique inclusion and offer a point of difference to maritime based displays. Mr Fireworks International has the most comprehensive and exclusive range of pyrotechnic water effects in stock ready to WOW your patrons.