Community Events

Community events are very important to us with families coming together. Mr Fireworks is a family owned and run business with a strong emphasis on families and the community.


Families and friends come together to view our explosive fireworks displays choreographed to music of varying duration and intensity.


Pyrotechnic artistry and special effects are the perfect accompaniment to a fireworks spectacular.


Mr Fireworks adds that sparkle to the sky with club mascot signage, sponsor logos and shimmering fountains. The options are endless.


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We are chosen by hundreds of committees to take part in community events throughout the year such as:

  • Public holiday festivities
  • Sporting open days
  • End of sporting season parties
  • Sporting finals
  • School fetes and carnivals
  • School Christmas Carols
  • Council Christmas Carols
  • Non-profit Events
  • Speedway Events
  • Motorcross/BMX Events and Tours
  • Fundraisers