Agricultural Shows & Festivals

Our dazzling displays have been brightening the night sky for show societies since the earliest moments of Mr Fireworks International. Our careers developed by following the show circuit and we have serviced almost every show society at least once over the last 60 years. 


We awe crowds with outdoor fireworks spectaculars, filling the night with explosions of colours and sounds. Team our spectacular displays with pyrotechnic artistry and special effects such as fountains, confetti canons, flame projections or lasers. Introduce and conclude stage performances and uniquely thank sponsors by lighting the night with stationary or animated logos. We also offer daylight displays. 


We execute displays manually or electrically, depending on choice of display and associated special effects. Electrical firing means that you are able to have multiple firing points at your event and your display can be choreographed to music. 


We provide the complete service, from organising quotes and designing spectacular displays, managing personal and public safety to reducing impacts on the environment through recycling and waste removal.