Exciting alternatives to fireworks

Laser light displays are 100% environmentally friendly and offer a wide range of special effects. Mr Fireworks International are leaders in producing exciting alternatives to fireworks. Our laser light displays dazzle the audience with bright colours and moving light beams that project into the sky, or on to stationary objects.


We use razor-sharp light beams to create professional displays that can include images and logos that are projected into the sky. The anticipation and explosive excitement is guaranteed to delight the audience.


Mr Fireworks International create multimedia productions that are unique, suited to individual budgets and themes. Our interactive laser light shows can be choreographed to music and used in combination with various forms of pyrotechnics, flames and other special effects.


Laser Light displays are 100% environmentally friendly and heavily reduce the carbon footprint of your event without compromising excitement.


Another alternative to fireworks displays are our cold fireworks – also known as Sparkulars… 100% environmentally friendly digital fireworks, with absolutely no fire threat and resemble firework fountains.


Mr Fireworks International are your Brisbane-based specialists for traditional fireworks alternatives. Contact one of our highly experienced technicians today.